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Team of Senior Teachers
One-man show
All trainers registered with GMC with licence to practice and are currently in clinical practice at senior level.
Speciality specific teaching is carried out by respective specialists.
Most teachers have over 10 years of teaching experience for PLAB Exam
One-man show
PLAB Right has been conducting training courses for 11 years under same name, same management and team
Some courses have been moving from one city to other and change names of business
Course and accommodation under one roof
Money back Guarantee
Sponsorship and pay later schemes (We are confident of your chance of passing the exam)
In-house recruitment service
Access to e-portfolio to help you get in to training rotation
Online CV writing tool and help
In-house self-service shop. You don’t have to go out at all. Everything is under one roof
Centre is open 24 x 7 and you can use the facility at any time. Some doctors prefer to study till late and other wish to start early.
Brain storming mock session: Very popular and helps you get clear idea about your strengths and weakness. This is conducted by senior doctors and is better than taking several mock tests
Mock Test
The Brain Storming Mock Tests are conducted by senior trainers and are very popular. Along with this we also do 14 Station mock test and an extra mock test if nessessary.
Other courses offer up to 5 mock tests. Mock tests are conducted by doctors who have recently passed PLAB,
Our focus is not just help you pass PLAB but have a solid foundation for your success in your future career.
Trainers are non-consultants and most are out of clinical practice for number of years.

We are proud to announce the success of all our doctors in new format PLAB 2 exam held in September 2016.

100% Pass Rate in the NEW PLAB 2::::Pass in the first attempt

PLAB Right was established in 2005. We have a dedicated team of senior clinicians with over 11 years of experience in teaching PLAB. We are the longest serving PLAB institute in UK

Some courses have moved from one city to other and keep changing their institutes name. Some courses have tried to mislead people by calling themselves GMC PLAB (General Medical Course).  Now they have changed the course name again to Dr Swamay PLAB Course. Please note that this is not a GMC affiliated or certified course. The only intention was to mislead overseas doctors.

There is a huge difference between PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 exam preparation. Anyone can pass PLAB 1 exam by solving previous questions but when it comes to PLAB 2, it is not just being aware of previous OSCE stations but to have good clinical skills. Most courses only have limited expertise and they tend to explain OSCE stations that have appeared in the exam without understanding the logic or paying attention to the skills expected by GMC.

PLAB Right offers you an opportunity to meet excellent senior specialist trainers, decide about your career route, improve your clinical skills and ensure success and pass. (Not leaving it to chance or luck) 

Exam oriented contemporary teaching at PLAB Right. We are the only course that has been conducting PLAB Courses for over 10 years.

Join PLAB Right and solve OSCE in the right way!

Scams can appear attractive but short lived

Lot of courses hire people to write about them in Facebook and other forums.

Doctors after passing PLAB hardly have time to spend on Facebook and they are busy working. Most of these posts are written by courses itself or those who have not passed the exam and trying to feel better by giving advice to others. We

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