Non- Training Jobs

Non training jobs are the jobs which do not have approval from the deanery for training.

What are the difference between a training and Non Training Jobs?

The main difference is non training jobs do not lead you to get certificate of completion of training (CCT) at the end of 6- 7 years of training. This certificate is must to work as a consultant in UK

Apart from this there are very little difference in the work, training and experience you get. You can write the membership and fellowship exams. Many of the overseas medical councils recognise the membership of the Royal Colleges as equal to a post graduate degree.

Can I come back to training job after working in non training job for few years?

Yes it is possible. As long as you keep your skills updated and engage in academic activities it is possible. Most of the overseas doctors tend to do this.

Can I get the certificate of completion of training after working for several years in non training jobs?

Yes you can. You can apply through the article 14 of PMETB (Post Graduate Medical Board) and get your non training work experience recognised. It involves careful documentation of all your achievement and experience. This is a special certificate and is valid in UK for you to work as a consultant.

What are non training JOBSM
1. Trust Grade Doctors
2. Clinical Fellow
3. Specialty doctor

What is FTSA, LAT?
These are 6 months or temporary posts, recognised by the dean for training.